About Me

me.jpgHey there, I’m Stevie! This blog is about who I am, what I love and want to do! I’m a dog obsessed, food lover, 15-year-old optimist.  I was born and raised in Georgia in the US and I moved to Sydney, Australia in 2010 with my family. I’m known as a loud person who loves to muck around. I love working and have an incomprehensible love for every animal (besides spiders of course)! I love food, candles (especially ones that smell like cologne haha) and drawing, especially mandalas. I own two dogs which I love probably a bit too much and I always have to be doing something! I have two amazing sisters and I’m the daughter of two wonderful human beings. I also own my own business called LorelaiLoose which sells handmade wire jewellery and art! It has its own Etsy store and Facebook page! Feel free to check them out. The links are on my sidebar.

You can get in touch with me via email (steviebullen01@gmail.com) or you can find me on Instagram or Pinterest.

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Stevie Hope is a Health and Lifestyle blog here to help people try and figure out how to balance and maintain a positive lifestyle! It’s here to help people find the good in things and get insight into my life! I’ll be showing my favourite tips and tricks that I have learnt over the years, my favourite products, how to keep a healthy and positive mindset, the best recipes for (mostly) healthy food as well as some advice for self-love, believing in yourself and happiness! My goal is for you to be happy, find self-confidence and to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle! ♡