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My Go-To Perfumes

If you know me, you know I clearly have an obsession with perfume! I got my first perfume bottle when I was 10 and I haven’t stopped loving it ever since. You won’t catch me without a small bottle of perfume in my wallet, handbags or even at schoolbag! I wear it all day every day and currently have over 20 different scents! All, of course, smell amazing but I definitely have some favorites that I run out of very quickly.

My number 1 signature scent is Alien by Thierry Mugler. I purchased the smaller bottle for $105 and just get refills when it runs out. Its main smell is Jasmine with hints of wood and amber as well. Alien is one of the strongest scents, I only spray it twice and you can still smell it on me at the end of the day!


My second go to scent is Black Opium. The strongest note in this fragrance is the fresh tangerine and pear. With hints or jasmine, wood and coffee, this perfume is one of the best I’ve had. Of course, to have a quality perfume, you have to pay some $$$! This warm fragrance came out to a pricey $215. If you’re willing to spend the money, this perfume is definitely worth it.


Three words. Calvin. Klein. One. Oh my god. This perfume gives me shivers every time I smell it. This gender neutral perfume has the strongest and freshest scent of citrus. There is also notes of green tea and amber, two of the freshest scents. At $89, this perfume is 100% worth the money.


Lastly, Lolita Lempicka is a hidden gem! It’s a super sweet and really concentrated scent. It has notes of licorice and green ivy with hints of vanilla and iris. This perfume is definitely the cheapest of them all at $50 and if you’re looking for a really strong cheap perfume this is the one for you!


Let me know what your thoughts are on these perfumes or if you have favorite scents!



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