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Recently I went to Lush cosmetics to see what all the excitement was about. I had saved up for this visit and it was so worth it. I swear I bought half the shop! So did my wallet. I bought a ton of face masks and many other products. I’ll let you guys know my thoughts on the products and if they’re worth the splurge or not. Some of these I would not recommend but others I absolutely loved!


‘Don’t Look At Me’ Face Mask 

This face mask does wonder for my skin. Not only does it smell nice but it also gently exfoliates my skin while hydrating it. With a mix of murumuru butter and grapefruit oil, your skin will feel softer than ever. The only con that I can think of is the mess of it and you have to leave it in the fridge. For $13.95 I would recommend this face mask as I have already gone back to buy more!


‘Love Lettuce’ Face Mask

This mask worked just as well as the ‘Don’t look at me’ one but I find it had the EXACT same effect just with different scents and a different color. If I hadn’t bought the ‘Don’t look at me’ face mask, I would have liked this just as much.You also have to store this in the fridge or it will go off. For $13.95 I recommend to anyone who prefers lavender over lemon and grapefruit.


‘Catastrophe Cosmetic’ Face Mask

Oh my god. This is probably my favorite face mask ever! I apply it to any breakouts I get and in the morning all the redness is gone and the pimples have gone down so much! It smells so so amazing because of the rose water and is crazy good for your skin. This is more of a clay mask than anything and is super fun to apply. With the chill of having it needing to be in the fridge, it is crazy refreshing! Calamine powder is one of the main ingredient in it which helps with the redness and swelling of pimples. Blueberries are also the other main ingredient which protects the skin from any damage. I could go on and on about this mask but I HIGHLY recommend this face mask to anyone prone to breakouts or needing a face mask that moisturizes. Its the same price as the others ($13.95) and definitely worth every dollar.


‘Skin’s Shangri La’ Face Moisturizer

Not gonna lie, this face mask was waaay overrated. For $54.95 it’s very overpriced. It might be good for very sensitive skin but I find that it was just the same as a cheap face moisturizer from a chemist. Obviously it’s probably better for you because all the ingredients are natural but I’d rather a cheap chemist one over this. It smelt vaguely of vanilla but not too much. On a nicer note, you didn’t need to use very much for it to cover your face. I would recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin but not so much anyone who can use other moisturizers.


‘Soothing Sesame Lotion’

This body moisturizer was amazing. It gave me a warm glow due to the walnut lead infusion and made my skin feel irresistible. It also has cocoa butter which is my absolute favorite! The only con about this product is the price ($31.95 per 250g) and the smell. Some people might like smelling very strongly of peanut butter but I didn’t. The smell also interested my dogs which led them to licking my arms haha. It moisturized my skin crazily well so I’d be willing to forget the smell and maybe just apply it at night.


‘Ultrabland’ Facial Cleanser

I loved this product. It made my feel so squeaky clean but also moisturized it at the same time! It doesn’t strip down any natural skin defences which I love. It smells alright but it’s not my favorite smell. I love using this and I definitely recommend it. I would suggest buying the smaller pot just to test on your skin but for $29.95, I think it was worth it.


‘Sunny Day’ Hair Detangler

I am still undecided about this product. I think it might have some impact on my hair but also I have good and bad hair days so it could be coincidental that I have really good hair days after it. I have wringlets as hair and it almost always has knots in it. This product does make my hair feel really smooth but I think there could be better products out there than this. Yes, there is safe ingredients in this but I’d rather spend my money on a nicer and better detangler. For $14.90, I think that’s pretty cheap so I have no regrets buying this. I recommend this detangler to anyone who wants to have a safe and vegan detangler.


‘R&B’ Hair Moisturizer

This hair moisturizer was worth the $20 I spent on it. My hair looks shinier and healthier now that I’ve started using it. It smells good and actually does what it says! It doesn’t make my hair feel greasy or dirty and I can apply it when my hair is dry or wet! For $20 I recommend this product but only if you can afford it. You’re not missing out too much if you can’t get it.

Let me know what your favorite products from lush are! Tell me if you agree with what I’ve said or add other thoughts to help future buyers!


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