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IMG_7277.JPG2016 was a busy year for me! I want to thank you guys for reading my blog! I was super hesitant about making one but I really just wanted to ‘vent’ my ideas to people and step out of my comfort zone. 2016 was a great year for me but not so much the world. There was sadly too many terrorist attacks, bad elections and way too much dabbing! I was super busy this year with school and work so I couldn’t post as much as I wanted to. I made some amazing friends this year and learned a lot about myself. I want to share with you my favorite things I’ve learnt this year:


Every now and then you need to take a break! We are always running around and always feeling the pressure to do things. Sometimes you need to just push things aside in your head and go watch a movie or have a nice picnic to yourself. My favorite thing to do is get my fluffy dog Gigi and ride my bike down to a park on the water and read and eat! You clear your mind and get to daydream which is the best feeling.

IMG_6214 (1).jpg



I’ve learned to write down all my different dreams that I get. I get so overwhelmed with the future that I just want to achieve everything! I want to visit everywhere, buy everything, get my dream family or buy my dream house or car. I’ll write down all the places I want to go, what jobs I might want to do or just little ideas that come to mind.


Sometimes I get so incredibly overwhelmed with things like assignments and shifts during exams that I get exhausted. I stress about stressing during exams and how I’m too busy and making myself tired so I’ll just sit down on my bed and go ‘Okay Stevie, you need to do something about this. Have a quick nap then worry about it when you get up.’


Sometimes I would find myself constantly worrying about saving money  (I recently went to New York) so I decided I would give myself a present for working so hard and I bought myself flowers. 4a8432807a24d6c0199e13e10d0c9a3a.jpgMAKE BALANCE

This was probably the toughest thing from I gained from this year. There needs to be balance in everything. In your diet, your sleep, your daily activities and your social life. I had to learn to balance my food and make sure I wasn’t having too much sugar in one day and then have none the next day or else my body would react badly to a sudden change. I needed to decide when I had done enough socializing for one weekend or for one day and when to take breaks for myself. It can take a lot of willpower to do this but I feel you benefit greatly from it.


This is my favorite. I love playing out scenarios in my head and it makes me feel relaxed. Sometimes it’s so unrealistic that it’s even better!IMG_7851.JPG


This is definitely the biggest lesson I’ve learned this year. I told myself that whenever I had the chance I would compliment someone. It takes no longer than three seconds and can make you and the receiver feel great. It can make their day just by saying ‘your hair looks so pretty today!’ or ‘You have the best laugh.’ Whenever someone compliments me, it makes me feel so much more confident about myself so I try to pay it forwards.

I really hope you made the most of 2016 and if you didn’t then there’s always 2017! Please let me know what your biggest lesson of the year was and any thoughts you had on mine!



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