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When in New York

IMG_3204.JPGAh guys I recently went to New York! I had been saving up for about a year and a half. The city that never sleeps was everything I thought it would be! Since I grew up in Georgia, it felt like I was home again. I came all the way from Australia and went in the perfect season. I was there in the transition between Summer and Autumn but got mostly the Autumn temperatures. For the ten days I was there, it rained once! I did everything I could fit in including all the museums and tons of shopping. It was definitely a shopping trip and sightseeing trip. We went to all the major department stores, museums and ate delicious food. I loved architecture and how it was so different from Sydney! I thought I would show you my photos and I knew this might help some people with deciding about their decision to visit New York! Please visit! You won’t regret it. Here are all the places I shopped and visited.

The sunset from my hotel!

Department Stores:

Marshalls – my favourite hehe


Lord and Taylor

T.J MaxxIMG_2666.jpg

Urban Outfitters

American Apparel


Century 21

Nordstrom Rack

Times Square!


Tiffany and Co

Victoria Secret

Lush Cosmetics


Bath and Body Works


Forever 21

American Eagle OutfittersIMG_3166.JPG


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Museum of Modern Art (MoMa)

Museum of Natural History

reflection copy.jpg
The Temple of Dendur – The Metroplitan Museum of Art


My favourite place I visited was of course The Empire State Building. You could see ALL of the concrete jungle from it. I only paid to go to the 86th floor which was well worth my money. I wouldn’t recommend paying to go to the 101st floor. The experience is just as amazing from a little further down.

The view from the Empire State

I saw the renown Flatiron building which looked incredibly delicate up-close due to the details in the building.

Of course we went on the Staten Island ferry to see the Statue of Liberty which was jaw dropping! I highly recommend just catching the Staten Island Ferry because its free and you get to see the statue as a whole whereas if you went to Staten Island, you would have to pay a fee, wait in line for about 2 hours and then be surrounded by crowds the whole time.IMG_3090.JPG

Times Square was busy busy busy as usual! I  saw it in all its glory because it was gloomy the day we visited so all the screens were extra bright.


Going to see a Broadway show was my favourite thing I did. Me and my mom saw Aladdin which was amazing! It was super funny and the cast was spectacular. There was plenty of details in the musical and when it ended, we wanted to see it all over again!IMG_3582.JPG

I also went to a live TV taping at Live with Kelly and Regis which was super fun!

Walking the Highline was nice because it was the first time we had been surrounded by greenery in this concrete city. I will say that it was very busy and we couldn’t find any seats. I suggest going early in the morning for the sunrise or late at night when the lights are on. Definitely not at lunch as we learnt the hard way haha.

The view from the highline



Oh my goodness. This city has the most beautiful buildings. It just makes me love it even more!  Every single building has its own personality and look. The details on the sides of the buildings and the fire escapes made the buildings look spectacular! spiral.jpg

If you guys have any other tips for travelling to the Big Apple, say in the comments below! I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions about this!


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