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How to Sleep Better

So for the past couple of years I’ve had insomnia. This means that I cannot sleep no matter how hard I try. It got so bad that I began falling asleep during my classes! I’ve tried dozens of way to sleep and I’ve decided to show you a couple of my favourites. Keep in mind that some of these might not work for you depending on what you like. If you have trouble sleeping or have occasional insomnia I recommend using these tips!

Essential Oils – My number 1 tip is spraying or dabbing scented oils on your pillows. Using essential oils can not only help you fall asleep but stay asleep! I recommend using lavender oil not only because it has a calming smell but also acts as a slight sedative. Put a few drops on your wrists or pillows and even your ankles if you’re feeling generous!Unknown-1.jpeg

Unwind – Your bedroom should be you place of comfort so make sure that you don’t bring any laptops or devices into your room. I highly recommend charging your devices outside of your room as it distracts you when your trying to sleep. I’m also a firm believe of getting of my devices at least an hour before I want to sleep. Just do whatever relaxes you! Take a warm bath, brush your hair, read a book or listen to some music with a candle! If you do this often enough, your brain should be able to associate brushing your hair to sleeping

Watch your diet – Please make sure you aren’t going to bed hungry or completely stuffed! Try and limit how much caffeine you have. Especially if it’s after 3pm. Caffeine can stay in your system for up to 6 hours so be careful! Try to avoid having alcohol about an hour before you want to sleep. Even though it has relaxing properties it can sometimes keep you up. Try to eat as healthy as possible. Eating tons of fruit and vegetables can help your body welcome sleep naturally.Unknown.jpeg

Avoid clocks! – I know so many people who will have clocks in their rooms! If you stress about how much sleep you will be getting then take your clock out of your room! There were times when I would still be awake at 5 am which is an hour before I was meant to get to wake up for school. Having a clock in my room was probably the main issue. Every ten minutes I would look at it and start stressing!
Just remember that I am not a sleep expert. These are just my tips based on experience. Some of these might not work for you but I encourage you to try them all if you have trouble sleeping. Do you guys have a sleep routine? If so let me know! I would love to hear about any other tips or tricks too.


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