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50 Things That Make Me Happy

So to get to know me better I’d thought I would do a 50 things that makes me happy tag! Since I’m new to the blogging game, I haven’t actually been tagged to do but I wanted to introduce myself to you! Here are 50 things that make me happy:

  1. Family! Family means the world to me and I have no idea what I would do without them. Especially my mom.
  2. My dogs. I have two dogs called Lola and Gigi who I obsess over a little too much.
  3. God. I get if you’re not religious and don’t agree with this but every single time I need something desperately like a job for example, I’ll find one the next day! I wouldn’t be doing what I am now without him.
  4. My best friend Chloe. She is like a sister to me. Honestly I don’t know what I without her, she is my rock!
  5. Sitting in my bed with my heated blanket on me.
  6. Smelling fresh laundry
  7. Carbs. Oh my goodness. Carbohydrates are my absolute favourite! They’re also my weakness. Give me a bowl of pasta and I’ll finish straight away.
  8. The smell of summer. I love going on a walk and then having a breeze sweep towards me and instantly having deja-vu to when I was a little girl playing in my backyard.
  9. The feel of warm laundry when you pull it out of the dryer.
  10. The sound of rain. I have a slanted roof above my bed and I can the rain hitting my roof so clearly!    giphy
  11. Riding my bike. I love putting Lola in my basket and then having Gigi run beside me while I’m riding my bike.
  12. Clearing out old stuff. To me there is nothing better than getting rid of old clothes, makeup or even furniture!
  13. Watermelon. There is so much you can do with watermelon.You can eat it raw, incorporate it into a savoury salad, blend it into a smoothie or even a juice!
  14. Having a looooong, hot bath. I love putting some scented oils into the water and lighting candles all around me.
  15. Pinterest.
  16. Staying up late. I’m definitely a night owl.
  17. Reading a really, really good book.
  18. Perfume! If you know me, you would know that I have over 20 designer perfumes. I’m a little bit obsessed teehee.
  19. Animals. I love any type of animal except if it has scales or more than 4 legs sorry! Dogs, giraffes, monkeys, foxes.. you name it, I guarantee I will probably go “aw”.
  20. Autumn. Autumn is my favourite season by far. It’s cool enough to snuggle in blankets but warm enough so that you don’t freeze to death when you step outside.
  21. Getting my nails done. Doing this makes me feel special because it’s not so often that you treat yourself. People need to learn to do this more often because they deserve it!
  22. Art. I love making art, selling it and even studying it!
  23. Food! I’m so bad with overeating! I just love food way to much! I love trying new foods; especially if they aren’t necessarily the best for you 50 THINGS I LOVE.png
  24. Scented candles. Especially if they smell like men’s cologne!
  25. Writing this post! This post makes me realise that even the smallest things can make me happy!
  26. Rearranging furniture. I just love having different layouts and deciding which layout I like the most.
  27. Binge watching Tv shows. Oops I’m so guilty of this. I do this waaay too much than I should.
  28. Being by myself. If I was alone by myself for a week, it wouldn’t even bother me. I love the peace and quiet of being alone.
  29. Laughing with my sister. There is something about laughing with someone who you love that just gives me goosebumps. Memories like these are the ones I’ll remember forever.
  30. The snow. I have all these memories from when I was little of just playing in the snow with my family and it makes me so happy when I get to see it. It doesn’t snow where I live so we have to drive 12 hours to the snow. Definitely worth the trip!
  31. Music. I’m to obsessed.
  32. New York City! Over the past year, I’ve been working non-stop saving  up for a plane ticket to New York and I finally got one! Now I just have to save up for shopping! There is just something mesmerizing about the city that never
  33. Travelling. I have way to many plans!
  34. Shopping. Oh my. If I had won the lottery, the first thing I would do is go to my local mall and buy anything I wanted!
  35. Concerts.
  36. Giving. I love giving things away. I’ve been growing so much the past 2 years so I will buy so many new clothes just to give them away 6 months later!  The feeling after doing something that you know will benefit another person is unbeatable.
  37. Making lists.
  38. Trying new products. e.g. Hair and Skin Products.
  39. My grandparents. Recently, I’ve realised that my grandparents won’t be here forever so I’m making the most of the time I have with them. I love them to the moon and back.
  40. Making goals. There is something about looking towards the future that makes you believe that anything can happen.
  41. Christmas!
  42. Talking to my best friend Chloe everyday.
  43. Working. I always need to be doing something.
  44. Exercising. It may seem annoying to get up and actually start but once you get into the vibe of it, you look to the future and can’t wait to see your results. It feels so good to do something good for your body after all the work it does for you 24/7.
  45. Writing blogs. I’m obviously new to this scene but I already have way to many ideas and I feel like this is going to help me get a lot of thins off my chest.
  46. YOU. Your taking the time to read this post and I love you for that! Someone is reading my work!
  47. Surfing. To me, surfing feels like your flying. I love the feeling of it. It’s just way to peaceful.
  48. Diving under waves. The feeling of my hair being pulled gently back from waves gives me goosebumps.Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 7.08.51 pm.png
  49. Greenery. I love putting flowers in my room and all around my house. I even put unique palm leaves in some frames to add a new vibe to my room.
  50. Dressing up! I love spending time to make myself look pretty and taking the time to apply makeup and doing my hair.

Wow. There is way more stuff that I can put on this list but I’ll spare you this time. I’m tagging YOU to do this challenge because even while I was doing this, it made me think of how lucky I am! You can find happiness in the smallest things in life! I hope this helped you guys to get to know me a bit better! If you decide to do this tag, please tell me about it so I can have a little peek at it!


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